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    Paleo Pizza Perfection

    simple mills honest bison pizza

    I’m a New Yorker.

    We are raised on pizza. It’s a staple .

    As a health conscious adult (and health coach) I have become a pro on treating this staple more like the treat that it is, by having it once in a while.

    Unless it’s my own home-made paleo pizza from scratch!

    Eating pizza is fun. But eating your OWN pizza is the absolute best.

    Here’s the deal, I start with Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix, comprised of almond flour, arrowroot powder, flax meal, cauliflower, baking soda, organic oregano, cream of tartar, and organic garlic. I am telling you. This is THE best grain-free pizza crust mix. I add apple cider vinegar, water, and coconut oil, and you’ve got your perfect crust.

    Then, I create a Fit To Feast original masterpiece. You know by now that I am obsessed with bison as my protein of choice. It’s lean, flavorful, higher in protein than beef, and has as many Omega-3s as salmon. Grass-fed bison contains 4x the amount of vitamin E found in grain-fed beef, and is a great source of the mood elevator, selenium, as well as fat-blocker CLA. I get the Italian Bison Sausage from my favorite bison source, The Honest Bison, and voila, you have the most healthful and delicious sausage known to man.

    Toss it in a skillet with some coconut oil while caramelizing some onions and bell peppers. Throw all that goodness on top of some quality tomato sauce (I opt for this low sodium/low carb tomato sauce.)  And ofcourse….always throw an organic egg on top .

    The result, the most healthful, nutrient-dense paleo, grain-free, gluten-free breakfast pizza on the planet!

    You are welcome. Eat up!

    A slice of protein heaven.

    A slice of protein heaven.



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    How To Get that Beach Bod Well Into Fall. My Los Angeles Confidential Feature.

    LA Confidential CrossFit

    I’m honored to have been featured in Los Angeles Confidential Magazine’s, The 5 LA Workouts To Maintain Your Beach Body Year-Round. 

    It’s not about getting that beach body for summer. It’s about empowering yourself to be your personal best all year long. A fit physique is just an added bonus.

    I have just a few slots left for my Health Coaching this Fall. It’s time to get you on your A-Game. You deserve it.

    Hit me up in the Health Coaching tab in the menu to learn more.

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    The Voice of the VMAs…and The Snacks I Pack While On Set!


    I am excited to “announce” that I will be the Live Announcer for the MTV Video Music Awards TONIGHT at 9/8c!

    Tune in to see performances by Kanye WestThe WeekndTori KellyMacklemoreRyan LewisDemi Lovatotwenty one pilots with ASAP RockyPharrell Williams….and uh, to hear me introduce them all 😉  ‪#‎MTV‬ ‪#‎VMAs2015‬

    Now for the snacks…

    I never go to any of my gigs empty-handed. These are the FitToFeast snacks I’ll be bringing with me to the VMAs:


    The raw nuts are satiating and the grapes are perfect pops of sugar to get me through the looooong day. Plus, they are hydrating which is key to keeping my voice, “announcer-ready.” Fruit is a good go-to, just keep in mind to have it coupled with a healthy fat like some raw nuts to help buffer the effects of the sugar on you blood-glucose levels.

    Eat Up Life,



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    ASKMEN.Com Asked Me How To Lose The Notorious Gut. I Answered.

    FullSizeRender 85

    Summer Weight Loss Tips

    Gut Giving You A Hard Time? Here’s How To (Finally) Lose It

    Bad news guys. We’re careening toward the end of summer. But that’s not the worst part. If you’re looking to drop those last few pounds or just trying to get lean before summer leaves us, you’re going to have to ditch the beer.

    “In the summertime I want to drink 10 times more,” admitted Allison Hagendorf , a health coach, and behavior change specialist. “Summer is the time for parties and barbecues and beer. But if your goal is to lose weight, you’ve got to lose the beer.”

    OK, we do recognize it’s summer months can make it even harder to put down the booze so if you are going to partake in the libations, Hagendorf suggests sticking to your favorite liquor but keep it clean. That means you’ll need to go sans the mixers. It’s the juices and sodas in cocktails that carry the extra calories.

    Hagendorf, founder of FittoFeast.com, took some time to talk about a few other easy and effective food and behavior changes that are sure to have you seeing results before you start pulling out your fall sweaters.

    Eat Protein For Breakfast

    Conventional knowledge says that you want to consume your carbs in the morning because your body will process carbs more slowly, spreading the energy out over the course of the day. But Hagendorf says scratch that. Start your day with protein. Lots of protein. (Here’s a few you can make in just 15 minutes. )

    Instead, go with meals you can put on a plate. Substitute your morning egg sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon and healthy fats like avocado.

    And it’s not just carbs you want to stay away from at breakfast. If you’re struggling to shake those last few pounds, you may need a break from grains as well. Save the bagels, oatmeal and breakfast cereals for times when you’re not looking to cut fat. You may think you’re doing yourself a favor by replacing the bagel for whole wheat toast but although grains are great for adding fiber to your diet it also spikes insulin production, which ultimately causes sugar cravings.

    Don’t Let Your Salad Make You Fat

    So often you’ll hear someone say that they are trying to cut down on pounds so they’re going with salad for lunch. And that’s fine, as long as the salad isn’t drenched in thick calorie-dense dressing. In fact, Hagendorf says we should rethink the way we look at salads all together.

    Don’t just think of a salad as a bowl of lettuce packed with a variety of conventional toppings. Try something different. Instead of getting the hamburger you might have wanted, ditch the bun and the cheese and lay your burger on a bed of leafy greens and vegetables. Preferably, you want the leanest burger you can find. Hagendorf suggested bison. “It’s leaner, has more protein and less calories,” she said.

    Eat More

    “Never let yourself get hungry,” Hagendorf said. “Hungry leads to hangry an that leads to bad choices.” Carrying healthy snacks like raw nuts, almonds or vegetables is an effective way to curb cravings in a healthy way and avoid overeating when you do sit down for a meal.

    Set Yourself A Bedtime

    It’s easy to put sleep on the back burner but bot getting enough sleep doesn’t just affect your energy levels it as affects your appetite. Sleep deprivation has shown to stimulate cravings for foods that are both high in fat and carbohydrates.

    Hagendorf suggested not just giving yourself a concrete bedtime but going a step further. “Give yourself a social media curfew,” she said. That means shutting down Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. She said to shy away from anything that involves a screen.

    Instead, create a “wind down” routine. Spend an allotted time reading a book or in meditation. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day – even on the weekends.  Increased sleep has proven to increase production, limit inflammation, improve memory function and spur increased creativity.


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    Don’t Just Mindlessly Eat. FEAST!


    I don’t simply eat. I feast. 

    I indulge my senses at, every. single. meal.

    Satiation, celebration, indulgence, & excitement are a part of everything I put into my body. It is an essential part of the experience. Why? Because everything we do in this life is a gift. Eat it up! 

    This salad I created at Erewhon Natural Market is an opportunity for me to devour some of my favorite things: grass-fed bison, grilled chicken, kale, swiss card, almonds, strawberries, seasonal peaches, and avocado.  

    My eyes literally roll back into my head as I enjoy every single morsel. Don’t mindlessly shove something edible into your mouth. You deserve to fuel your body with nutrient-dense whole foods.  Celebrate yourself! It’s the Fit To Feast way. #EatUpLife #TreatYoself

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    The Launch of My FIT TO FEAST Event Series at SOHO HOUSE


    My launch of #FitToFeast at Soho House West Hollywood was everything!

    A massive thank you to #SohoHouse Executive Chef Michael Magliano for this equally nutritious and delicious post-workout brunch. It’s not about deprivation, it is ALL about celebration. #EatUpLife

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    Bison Girl

    the honest bison patties

    You probably know by now that bison is my meat of choice. It’s basically a supermeat. 

    Why? It’s lean, flavorful, higher in protein than beef, and has as many Omega-3s as salmon. Grass-fed bison contains 4x the amount of vitamin E found in grain-fed beef, and is a great source of the mood elevator, selenium, as well as fat-blocker CLA. 

    Thank you, The Honest Bison for sending me this grass-fed bison care package. You know the way to my heart aka stomach. I love being the unofficial #BisonGirl 😉

    Simply grill these perfect patties and serve in lettuce wraps with avocado and salsa. It’s the #FitToFeast way. You deserve it. 

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    FIT TO FEAST August Edition In The Books!

    fit to feast group jump insta august

    What. A. Day.

    We always kick it off with our gorgeous Bulletproof Coffee and then quickly make our way to the beach for our team workout.

    900 reps of squats, pushups, hurdle jumps, burpees, situps, plank jacks, mountain climbers, tuck jumps, etc did not keep a single soul from jumping as high as they could for our pre-brunch group shot.

    Keep checking back here to see when we’ll be back on Venice Beach at Hotel Erwin in September!


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    FIT TO FEAST at Hotel Erwin Saturday August 8!

    Jumping is one of the best cardio moves. Period.

    Get your tickets now!

    Get fit & feast with me on Venice Beach!

    First we’ll turn it up on the beach.

    Then we’ll eat it up at brunch.

    Eat Up Life,