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    My Parents Are Married 48 Years And Deserve The BEST…including a cake like this ;-)

    FullSizeRender 31

    My parents are flying in from NY to visit me in LA so we can all celebrate their 48th Wedding Anniversary.

    48 YEARS!

    My parents are incredible individuals.  They are not only devoted to one another, but are equally devoted to bringing warmth and happiness to EVERYONE around them. They are THAT couple. I am truly blessed.

    My parents deserve the best, which is why I made sure the cake I baked for them incorporated one of my Fit To Feast Product Picks…Simple Mills baking products. I opted for the Almond Flour Vanilla Cake Mix which is Paleo-friendly, certified Kosher, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO, making it a great option for upcoming Easter and Passover as well.

    I had to put my own Fit To Feast spin on it by creating my own homemade chocolate ganache comprised solely of 60% bittersweet chocolate and palm shortening. Melt those two ingredients together, mix, and then let cool completely (You can rush this step in the fridge). Then whip with a hand mixer to make it light and fluffy and ready for frosting.

    Tap into your 9th-grade “Art” class skills and do some minimal but meaningful decorations. And VOILA! Your cake is a hit…and your guests waistlines won’t take a hit for it ;-)



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    3 Strategies for Sticking to Your Health and Fitness Goals

    TSNYE ball kiss

    Remember that New Year’s resolution you made back in January? If you’re like 35 percent of people, that goal was broken within the first month, and you’ve returned to your old habits. While it’s natural for this to make you feel discouraged, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect and there’s no reason you can’t start working toward those goals again. To give you the best possible chance at achieving your resolutions, here are three fool-proof strategies that will help you stick to your health and fitness goals.

    1. Ditch the “all-or-nothing” attitude.

    When you think it’s “all or nothing,” you will surely end up with nothing. You’re waging a war of will power versus habits, which is a recipe for disaster. Will power is a limited resource. Habits require no energy at all. They are effortless, which is bad for bad habits, but great for implementing new positive ones. Focus on making incremental sustainable positive changes. Think better, not perfect, and you are already on your way.

    2. Make SMART Goals.

    Make sure your goals are: 

    Specific: Instead of “I want my fitness to improve,” try, “I want to run a 12-minute mile.”

    Measurable: Take note of your starting point (e.g., your energy level, how your clothes fit and feel), so you can celebrate your progress.

    Attainable: Aim for your best YOU, not something you saw in a magazine.

    Relevant: Choose goals that fit YOUR lifestyle. Focus on sustainable changes, not a hiatus from your everyday life.

    Time-bound: Create short-term checkpoints—weekly or monthly, for example—to monitor your progress.

    3. Start NOW.

    Don’t let one off-goal choice derail your entire path, or a certain day of the week dictate when you’ll “start.” Start this moment with positive perspective. Each hour, each meal, each day is a new opportunity to make on-goal choices. You are not going to be on-point every time, but as long as you are making positive moves MOST of the time you will eventually hit your goal. You deserve to be YOUR personal best and that is 100 percent in YOUR control. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you want and why you want it. Find that intrinsic motivation to encourage you and get back on track. Bad choices are only minor detours that allow you to learn, refocus, and reinforce your commitment to pursuing your goals. Celebrate that you are in this empowering position to realize your own dreams. 

    You are exactly where you are supposed to be, but there is always have room for a little tune-up. Now is the time to bring you’re A game. Just make sure you enjoy the process while we make this New Year your happiest yet.

  • Food For Thought

    Start Your Morning Like THIS!


    One of the many advantages of waking up before the sun is that you start your day like this. The moon is still dancing in the moonlight as it slides into sunlight.

    As gorgeous as this is, sometimes we still wake up feeling overwhelmed and seriously stressed. And even worse, sometimes we even start a habit of feeling that way EVERY morning.

    Let’s change that. It’s time to ground ourselves:

    • Take a deep breath and visualize it filling your lungs with oxygen. Listen to it. Relax everything as you exhale. Do it a few times if you need to. It creates a calming white noise.
    • Name 3 things for which you are grateful. Think about those things. Imagine if they weren’t there for you. Be grateful that they are!
    • Go make someone smile. Take the focus away from yourself.  By bringing happiness to someone else, you will in turn bring instant happiness to yourself as well.  Everyone wins!

    That will help reset your perspective and approach the day with enthusiasm, which is exactly who we should all embrace the day. It is a gift after all. So go unwrap it!

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    Happy National MEATBALL Day!


    I. Love. Meatballs.

    Every day is an unofficial meatball day for me, but today apparently, it’s official for everyone!

    I’m in NY today working on my food show (stay tuned!), so on my lunch break I felt it appropriate to order up these beauts at the nearby Tavola, a wood oven trattoria in Hells Kitchen. Look, I love most meatballs, but, THESE are simply sensational. Why? Because they are a beautiful blend of wild boar and veal. ‘Nuff said.

    Now, with the #FitToFeast lifestyle, we splurge when we eat out, but we cook super clean at home. If you want to make your own meatball masterpieces, try for my healthy baked bison meatballs.


    We know by now that bison is my meat of choice. It’s grass-fed, lean, and flavorful.

    • Take the ground bison, add some eggs, and if you want to add something else to bind the balls, go for oats or a paleo-approved substitution like almond flour or coconut flour.
    • Then add a ton of chopped sauteed veggies ala zucchini, onion, squash, bell pepper.  Roll into balls and bake either on a cookie sheet or using a muffin tin.
    • For the sauce, it’s always best to make your own, but you can also try my low sodium marinara “Product Picks” from either Silver Palate or Walnut Acres.


    And there you have it! Have a ball celebrating meatball day every day…as long as it’s the healthy FitToFeast way ;-)

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    PUSH Yourself Both In AND Out Of The Gym


    The gym can be a microcosm for how we live our lives.

    Start your day with accomplishment via a sweat session, and watch how your day’s direction follows suit.

    I manned my Monday with this quick 11-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible). I pushed myself to pounce on these push-presses, so that I could push myself the rest of the day to be my best…my best both to myself, and to others around me.

    Get yourself out of your comfort zone so you can embrace the change you need in order to reach your potential. You can do it. Go be great.

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    Keeping it Simple With This Go-To Mix

    simple mills cookies fit to feast product pick

    I. Love. Cookies.

    I also love to bake, so let’s just say, I’ve cooked up many a cookie in my day.  I personally enjoy baking my own baked goods from scratch, BUT, if I were to throw a mix in the mix, I strongly suggest you keep it simple with Simple Mills.

    Founded by Chicago-based, Katlin Smith, Katlin cut out gluten to alleviate her joint pain. A fellow baking broad, she realized that all the mixes she found on grocery store shelves had tons of sugar and highly processed ingredients, so she was inspired to launch her own line of products. Smith’s Simple Mills brings you grain-free baking mixes made with simple, whole-food ingredients that are naturally high in protein and low in sugar.

    The verdict? Wholesome deliciousness in minutes. All you do is add an egg and some coconut oil to the mix, and you’re making magic ready for munching in minutes.

    The problem? I almost ate all of these in one sitting.

    These cookies have a heartier, cleaner taste than their more sugary counterparts, which is a pastry profile I prefer.  Hence, the need to cook with caution. Bake these beauts with some friends around so you can share…even if you don’t want to ;-)


    Confectionately Yours,

    The Cookie Monster

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    THIS is What a Salad Should Look Like


    Yes I boast many a post of indulgent foodie adventures. Oh how I love my restaurants. But, most of the time, even AT these spots,  I’m eating lean protein and veggies. On most days, you’ll find me eating a massive salad with some sort of pristine protein.

    Confession: I’m at The Counter a good 3-4 times a week? Why? Because you can order a “choose your own adventure”-type salad with countless ingredient options for both the veggies AND the proteins. I always go with a gorgeous grassfed bison burger as the hero of my adventure.

    Overwhelmed? Not sure how to make your salad satiating AND healthy?

    Here’s your salad strategy:

    Pick your protein, load up on veggies, flirt with some fats (avocado, guac, WHOLE eggs – yes, yolk!), and choose your dressing wisely. Good ole fashioned olive oil and vinegar is best, OR just ask for your dressing on the side so you can portion accordingly.

    So there you have it. Salads don’t have to be boring. Just give ‘em some gusto and you’re good to go….and THEN you can go for the fries once in a while when they are really worth it. Read: sweet potato, truffle oil, etc.  Treat a treat like a treat. But in the meantime, go for the greens and meat.




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    A Holiday Weekend of Feast? Same! On Monday We Train Like A Beast.


    Had an exceptionally indulgent holiday weekend?

    Same here. All good!

    Life is all about balance.

    Mondays are an opportunity to make great, healthful choices. So get back on your fitness focus.

    I got mine on with some strength training…as I do. I suggest you do the same! The more lean muscle mass you have, the more your body forgives you when you, uh, eat less than clean. So train dirty, and your physique will not only forgive you, but will thank you.