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    God Bless America

    memorial day bbq 2015

    There is nothing. Literally nothing, I love more than BBQ.

    Ok, maybe icecream, pie, cookies, and brownies.

    But besides that. Beef ribs for days.

    Happy Memorial Day!


  • Fitness

    Memorial Day In Memoriam WorkOut

    Murph Wod

    Kicking off Memorial Day by rocking the workout, “MURPH” to honor LT. Michael P. Murphy. We are the land of the free because of the brave.

    1 mile. 100 pull-ups. 200 pushups. 300 squats. 1 mile.

    Completed! Now, we BBQ ūüėČ

  • Food For Thought

    Treat Yoself

    FullSizeRender 66

    I was raised to show my love, affection, and gratitude with food.

    There is nothing I love more than baking or cooking or feeding someone I care about.

    Enter a holiday weekend and I just cannot wait to start preparing some sort of delicious edible item.

    The challenge sometimes (read: always) is to prepare food for someone else and not to eat, um, a lot of it yourself before it even leaves your kitchen (types with chocolate-covered fingers)

    I created “Fudge Fantasy: Eat Whatever The Fudge You Want” as a celebration of treating a treat like a treat. I don’t believe in demonizing food. I believe in celebrating yourself by eating nutrient-dense whole foods as a lifestyle, and then treating yourself with an indulgent delectable here and there.

    My one requirement: HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

    I don’t believe in low-fat, sugar-free, inferior versions of¬†that dessert you REALLY want.

    A watered-down substitute will just leave you unsatisfied, and will most likely encourage you to eat more of it in a futile attempt to attain the psychological stimulation for which you were hoping.

    So…..being that it’s Memorial Day Weekend and I have a good number of BBQs to hit, I always come ready to go with my small batch custom fudge.

    This batch was requested to consist of fresh raspberries, roasted almonds, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

    Making the fudge is easy. Not eating the entire thing? Different story.

    So, first I ofcourse, have to “taste” the fudge to make sure it’s not poisonous.

    Once that is confirmed, I should wrap it up to take to the party, but, uh, the hyperpalatable response has been set into motion, and I immediately pop two more “tastes” into the mouth.

    My strategy? Enjoy. Every. Freakin. Second. Of. This.

    I literally savor the texture, the tastes, the flavors, the godliness. Quietly. In the moment. Bliss. (Foodporn music ensues)

    Damn, that is just delicious.

    Ok cool. I am absolutely satisfied. Now I can wrap these badboys up so I can share this experience with my friends, which is hands down the best part!

    Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can¬†actually be your greatest ally, as long as YOU¬†take the first step in waving that white flag. Stop demonizing dessert and food in general. If you take the pressure off, and just treat ¬†a treat like a treat, you’ll truly be able to appreciate the sweetness not only of this divine dessert, but of this incredible life that has been gifted to us.

    Cut yourself some slack. Treat yoself.

    What is YOUR Fudge Fantasy. Tell me your dream fudge in the comments below.

  • Food For Thought/ Product Picks

    Souping Is The New Juicing

    Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.57.27 PM

    Now, this is something I can get behind.

    Look, I love vegetables. I was that weird little kid who LOVED broccoli and mushrooms. Granted I loved them adjacent to my lamb chops, but yes, I was a hearty eater even at age 3.

    So yes I’m a veteran of¬†veggies, but I love EATING them, NOT drinking them.

    I am not a fan of juice, juicing, juice cleansing, you name it.

    Why? Firstly, I like the sensation of chewing. I enjoy the crunch and the snack-like quality of eating some sugar pea pods, baby carrots, or bell peppers. Secondly, when you juice you are most likely removing all of the healthful fiber and many of the usable nutrients, leaving behind glorified liquid sugar. Not so great.

    So clearly I’m not juiced about juice, but I AM¬†psyched about Soupure.

    Soupure is a line of soups made from organic, fiber and protein rich ingredients that are void of fillers and emulsifiers. I usually steer clear of soups as they tend to be packed with sodium and other additives, but this dairy-free line is packed with nutrient & fiber-dense, whole foods only.

    My must-haves are the¬†“Restore” Japanese Sweet Potato Hot Soup, and the¬†“Refresh” Cucumber Grape & “Superhero” Nuts & Seeds, chilled soups.

    These are an excellent snack or mini meal choice for my vegan & vegetarian clients, as well as my omnivore clients.  I actually added chicken and quinoa to the Japanese sweet potato soup to make it a fueling post-workout meal.

    Drink up, but¬†beware of that “Superhero” soup. It’s hard not to drink the entire jar in superhero speed. I mean, almond milk, nuts, seeds, and dates? C’mon. It’s pretty much kryptonite.

    Soup’s on.¬†Game on.


  • Food For Thought/ Where I Feast

    I’m a Pok√© Pusher


    Damn straight. Poké is one of the tastiest & healthiest food trends right now.

    New to pok√©? It’s a raw salad of fish with its roots in Hawaiian cuisine. Thankfully, this dish is now everywhere, and is the best food trend to hit LA since the resurgence of grown-up versions of¬†Pop Tarts.

    Ok so maybe the poké trend is a little better for many reasons. Plus, nothing will ever top the original frosted strawberry Pop Tart.

    Freakin Delicious

    I digress. ANYWAY…my clients often share with me that they “don’t have time to cook” and fear that “all take-out food is bad for you”.

    It is time to poke around a Pok√© Bar and re-define what we think of as “Take-Out”

    I’ve been eating at the latest spot on Sunset, aptly named “Pok√© Bar“, uh, weekly. I get an Ahi Tuna/Salmon combo atop a bed of greens coupled with seaweed and cucumber salad, and presto. Healthy “take-out” food.

    This beautiful bowl is chockfull of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, etc.


    It is very easy to make a pok√© bowl a bowl of unhealthy choices veerrrrry quickly. Steer clear of pok√© doused in spicy mayo or some sodium-laden sauce. Also, the rice is nice but make sure you’re having that surrounding a workout OR in a moderate portion. Think, small fist. Or better yet, forgo the rice for more greens. You can never go wrong with greens.

    But, you CAN go wrong with picking up an old habit of pounding Pop Tarts. Toss the tarts, and opt for tuna instead.



  • Food For Thought

    Hell Yah, it’s Monday. Your Clean Slate Starts Here.


    What’s all this, “Ugh, it’s Monday”, nonsense.

    It’s Monday and I’m freakin’ pumped about that!

    Firstly, every single day we awake and get to breathe the air, move our bodies, make someone smile, and can hug someone, is an absolute gift regardless of when it falls in the week.

    Secondly, Mondays are especially awesome because they can serve as a clean slate for you to embrace your A-Game.

    Maybe last night you binged on a bag of peanutbutter chips while binge-watching Game Of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Bloodline without taking a breath.

    Uh, yes, I am clearly projecting. That was me. AND THAT’S OK!

    Those chips (Reese’s brand ofcourse) were devilishly delicious, and I enjoyed every single morsel¬†I ferociously shoved into and melted on the roof of my mouth. I was an animal.

    Today, I wake up, harboring absolutely no guilt whatsoever, instead embracing the opportunity to make healthful choices for the rest of the day.

    It’s called life. It’s not about perfection. It’s about progress.

    Today is Monday. Start fresh today. Start something new. Start a better you.

    I started my better me today, sans peanutbutter chips, with a call to my mother and a set of back squats.

    We will all encounter those moments when we feel out of control. When that happens, ground yourself by bringing someone close to you even closer. It will fill you with gratitude and remind you what this life is all about.

    Empower yourself and make this Monday as magical as it truly is. It is yours for the taking. Enjoy it. You deserve it.



  • Food For Thought

    Your A-Game Comes From Within


    Self love & gratitude are the tools you need to make anything and everything happen. Cut yourself some slack & know how much happiness you bring to those who love you. Find that same love from within. Plus, Lucille Ball knows all.

  • Where I Feast

    Chi Spacca – The “Meat Speakeasy” in LA You Need to Know…And Bring Me To When You Go.


    “Most women spend their money on stilettos. I spend mine on steak.” ~Allison Hagendorf

    My love for meat is no secret. ¬†I am as carnivorous as they come, which is why when I heard about the latest endeavor from Mario Batali, I was one of the first ones to enter this hot spot whose name, chi Spacca, literally translates to “He Who Cleaves.” I have been returning religiously to this meat mecca ever since.

    Chi Spacca‘s executive chef (and king cleaver) is Chad Colby, acclaimed as a¬†James Beard semi-finalist Rising Star Chef in 2012; Chef of the Year by Time Out LA in 2013, and most recently a James Beard semi-finalist Best Chef: West in 2015, and one of my personal favorites. Period.

    What I love about Chi Spacca is that it offers all the¬†pristine meats of a steakhouse (and then some), but without the typical steakhouse stuffiness. No tablecloths here. No generic sides. Just a magnificent open kitchen, an intimate space, incredible contorni, and consistently awesome music. The handful of times I’ve been, I’ve been graced with the likes of Johnny Cash, Alabama Shakes, and Cold War Kids. My kind of steak soundtrack.

    Now for the food. Literally every single dish here is exceptional. Here is my Chi Spacca Ch(eat) Sheet:

    And then this happened…

    As part of the Fit To Feast lifestyle, I encourage treating a treat like a treat. So when I want ice cream, you better believe I get my 3 seasonal gelati flavors offered here. Granted I go the extra step of shooting slow-mo videos of my confections, but hey, whatever works.

    This blissful meal was not only worth every single morsel, but is bringing me so much pleasure simply sharing the experience with you. It would bring me even greater pleasure, if you would actually take me with you once you secure your reservation.

    Chi Spacca is¬†simply one of the best restaurants there is…anyway you cut it…preferably with a cleaver.


  • Product Picks

    I Got Your Grain-free, Sugar-free Cake Right Here

    FullSizeRender 59

    Life is all about balance…and convenience. I had a Mother’s Day brunch to go to today and I¬†NEVER show up to someone’s home without something delicious to eat or drink.

    Although¬†I did not have a lot of time, I DID have enough time to whip up this grain-free, sugar-free chocolate cake by Simple Mills. I keep their boxes stocked in my cabinet for times like these…and for when I’m just DYING for a baked good. I’m telling you, keep these on deck.

    I did, however, also find a jar of Nutella next to those Simple Mills boxes, so I, uh, was immediately struck with the delicious idea of lightly frosting this cake, with said Nutella. Granted, that made the whole sugar-free cake situation go out the window, but if sugar is not your concern today, it was actually the perfect combo: a less sweet, wholesome-tasting cocoa take topped with a thin layer of sweet hazelnut goodness. Perfection.

    A beautiful balance for a beautiful day. Enjoy!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Fitness/ Where I Feast

    The 2nd Edition of My FIT TO FEAST Event Series at Hotel Erwin

    group jump

    What an incredible day. Our dedicated Fit To Feast family came to the May edition of our event, ready to turn it up on Venice Beach and then eat it up at Hotel Erwin.

    I kicked it off with a quick pow wow in Hotel Erwin’s Redbull suite where we got to know each other, sharing some of our healthful ¬†habits.

    We then made our way to the beach where we warmed up and split up into teams, rocking ocean sprints, pushups, and burpees. Just some delicious functional training as an appetizer to the fueling brunch that awaited us.

    As for the brunch, we kept it grain-free, dairy-free, & gluten-free as we enjoyed 64¬į eggs, duck sausage, chorizo, hardboiled eggs, veggies, and fruit. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eggwhites and granola. In fact, it shouldn’t! Keep it clean and simple by eating lean meats, eggs, veggies, and fruit.

    A special thank you to Bulletproof Coffee, Lorna Jane, Orange Theory Fitness, Bikini Thief, and Beach House Creamery for being part of it!

    Save the date June 6 for the next one!!!

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