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    PUSH Yourself Both In AND Out Of The Gym


    The gym can be a microcosm for how we live our lives.

    Start your day with accomplishment via a sweat session, and watch how your day’s direction follows suit.

    I manned my Monday with this quick 11-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible). I pushed myself to pounce on these push-presses, so that I could push myself the rest of the day to be my best…my best both to myself, and to others around me.

    Get yourself out of your comfort zone so you can embrace the change you need in order to reach your potential. You can do it. Go be great.

  • Food For Thought

    Make a Habit Of Implementing Positive Habits

    FullSizeRender 30

    Every day is an opportunity to start implementing good habits.

    It is not what we do once in a while, but what we do consistently that defines us. Start with implementing an attitude of gratitude each morning and watch things change. It’s incredible what a slight behavioral shift can do for your big picture.

  • Product Picks

    Keeping it Simple With This Go-To Mix

    simple mills cookies fit to feast product pick

    I. Love. Cookies.

    I also love to bake, so let’s just say, I’ve cooked up many a cookie in my day.  I personally enjoy baking my own baked goods from scratch, BUT, if I were to throw a mix in the mix, I strongly suggest you keep it simple with Simple Mills.

    Founded by Chicago-based, Katlin Smith, Katlin cut out gluten to alleviate her joint pain. A fellow baking broad, she realized that all the mixes she found on grocery store shelves had tons of sugar and highly processed ingredients, so she was inspired to launch her own line of products. Smith’s Simple Mills brings you grain-free baking mixes made with simple, whole-food ingredients that are naturally high in protein and low in sugar.

    The verdict? Wholesome deliciousness in minutes. All you do is add an egg and some coconut oil to the mix, and you’re making magic ready for munching in minutes.

    The problem? I almost ate all of these in one sitting.

    These cookies have a heartier, cleaner taste than their more sugary counterparts, which is a pastry profile I prefer.  Hence, the need to cook with caution. Bake these beauts with some friends around so you can share…even if you don’t want to ;-)


    Confectionately Yours,

    The Cookie Monster

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    Motivation Monday

    henry rollings life time

    It’s Monday. Another opportunity to reset. Move forward. Enjoy life. Get your Monday on! Go be great.


  • Where I Feast

    THIS is What a Salad Should Look Like


    Yes I boast many a post of indulgent foodie adventures. Oh how I love my restaurants. But, most of the time, even AT these spots,  I’m eating lean protein and veggies. On most days, you’ll find me eating a massive salad with some sort of pristine protein.

    Confession: I’m at The Counter a good 3-4 times a week? Why? Because you can order a “choose your own adventure”-type salad with countless ingredient options for both the veggies AND the proteins. I always go with a gorgeous grassfed bison burger as the hero of my adventure.

    Overwhelmed? Not sure how to make your salad satiating AND healthy?

    Here’s your salad strategy:

    Pick your protein, load up on veggies, flirt with some fats (avocado, guac, WHOLE eggs – yes, yolk!), and choose your dressing wisely. Good ole fashioned olive oil and vinegar is best, OR just ask for your dressing on the side so you can portion accordingly.

    So there you have it. Salads don’t have to be boring. Just give ‘em some gusto and you’re good to go….and THEN you can go for the fries once in a while when they are really worth it. Read: sweet potato, truffle oil, etc.  Treat a treat like a treat. But in the meantime, go for the greens and meat.




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    A Holiday Weekend of Feast? Same! On Monday We Train Like A Beast.


    Had an exceptionally indulgent holiday weekend?

    Same here. All good!

    Life is all about balance.

    Mondays are an opportunity to make great, healthful choices. So get back on your fitness focus.

    I got mine on with some strength training…as I do. I suggest you do the same! The more lean muscle mass you have, the more your body forgives you when you, uh, eat less than clean. So train dirty, and your physique will not only forgive you, but will thank you.


  • Where I Feast

    A Date With Indulgence at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu

    This is what the claw looks like from a 3lb lobster. This is truly special.

    As part of the FitToFeast lifestyle, I eat healthfully as a way of life, BUT when I indulge, I make it count…really count.

    Enter Valentine’s Day and Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu.

    This has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants not just in LA, but on the planet. There is nothing NOT to love here. Not only do I get to savor a stunningly succulent surf & turf situation, but I also get to do this while watching the waves crash onto the Malibu shoreline. Yep, Im sure that if I could be a restaurant, I’d want to be this one.

    This view will do

    This view will do

    Besides an authentic BBQ spot, a steakhouse with a seafood slant is my favorite cuisine. Period. Believe it or not it is one of the healthiest choices you can make, as the focus will always be quality protein. WIN!

    My steakhouse strategy? Pile up on protein. Go easy on  the sides. Do dessert.

    Think, meat and sweet. Done.

    Uuuuuunless, it’s Valentine’s Day and you are feeling extra hedonistic with your honey.  That’s when you may also go for one of the over-the-top seductive sides…and sultry salads. But normally, I do raw bar, seafood, meat and then dessert. This night in particular was an atypical festive feast. Apparently cupid’s company brought an insatiable appetite.

    Here’s a recap of this epic meal.



    So yah, that happened. And I don’t regret a single morsel of consumption. That is what the FitToFeast lifestyle is ALL about. Live healthfully and mindfully. And when you indulge, make it count!  And most importantly, enjoy it with someone who truly counts.

    Train Like a Beast. Share Your Feast.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Food For Thought/ Product Picks/ Recipes

    My Valentine’s Day Fudge Fantasy…FitToFeast-style ofcourse


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Treat a treat like a treat.

    What exactly do I mean by that? I mean, eat healthfully as a lifestyle choice most of the time, and then when you want to indulge, do it! My only prerequsite, is that you have exactly what it is you want. Don’t have a “healthy” version of what you want. That’s just frustrating and unfulfilling, and just flat out ridiculous.


    Enter my newest endeavor, Fudge Fantasy. This is where I make your dreams come true. Think of Fudge Fantasy as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” when it comes to dream fudge. Any ingredients you have fantasized coming together in one batch, I’m bringing them to your boca.

    I’m kicking it off with limited edition batch for Valentine’s Day. Behold, my “Love Bites”.


    Warning: These bundles of rich chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, plump maraschino cherries, Nutella, vanilla essence, and sea salt flakes WILL result in stimulation. Savor and share at your own risk.

    I’m still taking last minute orders, so get in your requests now while I’m still in the mood to make these naughy nuggets…which are certain to put both you and Valentine in, uh, a different kind of mood. ;-)

    Just keep in mind that my Fudge Fantasy “Love Bites” are meant for Valentine’s DAY…not Valentine’s month. Because, THAT, my fellow foodie friends, is the #FitToFeast lifestyle.

  • Fitness/ Food For Thought

    Why Your Valentine is Good For Kissing AND Keeping Off The Weight

    How cute are these two!

    Just a few weeks ago on New Year’s Day, we resolved to actually keep our resolutions…for real this time. We all do this. We start strong out the gate, but then willpower withers as we approach Valentine’s Day, a day that often doubles as D-Day for our discipline.

    Why is this?

    Is it because those ubiquitous and delicious chocolates are just too tempting? Maybe.

    But more likely it’s because we try to reach our goals alone, when really we should be recruiting our significant others to join us on our journey towards health and wellness!

    Emotional support is vital for reaching your goals.

    One of the keys to long-term behavior change is making your goals as attainable as possible, so having the support of your significant other is an important factor in successfully reaching those goals. It’s no surprise that couples who commit to changing together are oftentimes more successful than those who don’t work towards goals together.

    Here are five reasons you and your partner should go for your goals together:

    1. Partnership - By working together as a team to reach a common goal, your relationship is instantly strengthened. Stronger teamwork = stronger foundation.

    2. Support – Committing to change of any kind includes both struggles and obstacles. Having a partner to help you face and overcome each challenge is a huge advantage.

    3. Soundboard – As you embark on this journey together, you will continue to learn together. Sharing ideas and tips for what works and what doesn’t will help you stimulate each other’s minds.

    4. Accountability – Having someone in your corner will hold you responsible for staying on track. They’ll also have your back, which is simply the best feeling there is.

    5. Celebration – You know what’s better than celebrating your accomplishments? Both of you celebrating both of your accomplishments—together!

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    Winning…by Hanging with The Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince ;-)

    dolvett quince

    Part of being on your A-Game is surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, support you, and motivate you. Spending my morning with Dolvett Quince is a gift. Not only are our conversations about wellness inspiring, but the number of people he has been able to help through his professional and entertainment career makes me want to be that much better. Plus, his energy and smile are not too shabby either ;-) Chalk it up to Trop 50. The man loves that stuff. I just love the sunshine he shares with all those around him. #Positivity