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    Fill Up on the Full Moon

    IMG_4135 2

    This full Moon marks the need to welcome change.

    It’s a sign of healing, walking through fear and embracing the entire experience.

    Purge the excess, focus on the authentic, and enjoy the process.

    Pinpoint ONE thing of which you can be ridding yourself.

    Lessen the negativity and drama. Embrace the positivity and realness.

    Set a specific goal and surround yourself with those who share your mindset.

    This is the gift. Go be great.

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    Shred Your “Should Do” List


    I keep telling myself, I should run more.

    This morning I got sick of hearing myself say “should”, and DID.

    The result? A quick, efficient, sweaty 3-mile run took less than 25 minutes. I probably thought about the idea of running longer than it actually took to implement the action. The word “should” is synonymous with I won’t yet.

    If it matters to you, you’ll find a way.

    Right this moment, choose ONE little thing that’s been on your “should” list, and schedule it NOW. Physically put it in your immediate calendar and do it!

    If you need extra accountability, I’m here. You got this….

    Oh and btw it was a Rage Against The Machine kind of run. What’s on your fitness playlist? Comment below! XO

  • Food For Thought/ Where I Feast

    Your Take-Away on Take-Out


    This is how I salad. Yes I made it a verb.

    Because when you salad like this, it warrants an active part of speech.

    Steak prepared rare atop a massive bed of greens, avocado, asparagus, grilled zucchini, and roasted roots ala beets, carrots & fennel.

    I just ordered this at Fresh Corn Grill, a popular take-out spot in LA.  Redefine “take-out.” Take OUT the association that it means greasy Chinese Food, Thai noodles, or pizza.

    Your take-away here is that you are always in a position to make healthful, delicious choices. You can order a version of this anywhere!!!

    Order a grilled, roasted, steamed, or raw protein on top of a massive salad with tons of veggies. Done! Just make sure your dressing is comprised of good ole extra virgin olive oil & vinegar, and you are set.

    Show me how YOU salad!

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    Motivation Monday


    Manhandle your Monday by incorporating functional training.

    What exactly do I mean by that?

    Totally valid inquiry. Functional training is the foundation for the Fit To Feast way of training.

    Basically, it’s training your body for activities performed in daily life.  We’re talking pushing, pulling, squatting, carrying, rotating, running. It’s forgoing crazy gym machines and focusing on fundamental full-body exercise like squats, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, etc.

    Today I first focused on my form while performing squats, and then rocked a sub-9 minute workout incorporating deadlifts, burpee box jumps, and running.

    Nothing fancy. Just good ole fashioned functional training.

    Think about how many times a day you bend down to pick something up? Working on squats and deadlifts will perfect your form not only in they gym, but in your life! Every time you go to pick up a child, that is a weighted squat! Well, it should be, at least.

    Save your back. Squat.


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    On Your Mark…and On Your Way to Your FIRST RACE!

    Running the NYC Marathon my second time. It. Was. Awesome.

    Race season is upon us, and you have decided to put an extra Spring in YOUR step as well!

    Congratulations! You are already ahead of the pack by setting out do something outside your comfort zone. Setting goals is how we get better not only as athletes, but as individuals.  So let’s embrace this race as an opportunity to get stronger AND to enjoy the path to the finish line.  In addition to the physical prep that needs to be done to conquer the course, your head needs to be in it to win it as well. Here are ten tips for getting yourself ready for race day.

    1.  Visualization. Mark the race day on your calendar so you can physically see the timeline leading up to the race. This will help wrap your mind around how much time you have to get everything in order.

    2.  Research. It is essential to find the best plan that works for your body, your goals, and your schedule. There are many sample schedules online. Do your homework and cross-reference a few that speak to you. The best schedule will be the one you can realistically follow.

    3.  Gear. Make sure you have the right sneakers AND socks for your training. Believe it or not this plays a huge role in your race, especially if you are training for a full marathon. Personally, I didn’t realize the significance of the right sock until I found Feetures. Also, that whole bit you hear about the chafing is true!  Buy some bodyglide and your chest, thighs, armpits, uh, your entire body will thank you! Just make sure you do this early on in your training so there are no hiccups (and blisters) on race day.

    4. Nutrition. Here’s the tricky part. Sure, fiber is good for you but not so good right before you pound the pavement. High fiber foods can cause digestive distress, so you want more quick-absorbing carb sources such as toast with almond butter and banana or a PB&J. If you’re Paleo or grain-free, go for some scrambled eggs and a little sweet potato. Lay off of apples, pears, and dates pre-run, as they can cause cramping. Dairy is another question mark. Some runners can rock a little bowl of cereal with skim milk before a run, but for others, the dairy can induce discomfort. No matter what, make sure you use your training to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Whatever you do, DO NOT try something new on the day of the race! You should be on cruise control by then.

    5. Fueling. What to do mid-race?! Depending on the length of the race you may need to start considering some of those fueling options ala gel blocks, GU packs, gatorade, etc. When I ran my marathons, I alternated a small sip of water and Gatorade each mile and then gobbled a GU pack every 6 miles. For me that worked like a charm. If you are running for less than an hour, you most likely won’t need any fueling, but be mindful of your water intake. Keep it to small sips  only, as gulps are no good for your gut. Make sure you are hydrated even before the race begins.

    6. Support. Surround yourself with family, friends, colleagues who are excited for you and want you to reach your goals. Try and recruit a running buddy, join a running club, or even just hang out with those who keep you inspired.

    7. Social Media. Talk about inspiration, follow instagram handles like @InstaRunners and @Runningsayings to get a handle on getting motivated to man some mileage. Also, sharing your own goals and accomplishments will most likely keep you on track to keep up the good work. Post away!

    8. Sleep. Sleeping is an essential part of your training. Make it a priority and schedule your sleep just as you would a run.  Gotta hit the sheets so you can run those streets!

    9. Game Time. Night before the race don’t do anything out of the ordinary ala eat a massive bottomless bowl of pasta. That extreme concept of “carb-loading” is not the way to do it. By now you’ve been consistently implementing high quality carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, and sweet potato throughout your training. If anything, have some extra carbs the morning before and focus on hydrating and resting, not setting any rigatoni records. Also, lay out EVERYTHING you need for the race the night before: your race bib, layers, snacks, keys, ID, you name it. Put it all out there so you can have piece of mind. We don’t need your mind racing – we’ll leave all of the racing to your feet in the morning.

    10. ENJOY!!!!! This is perhaps the most important part of ALL of your training. The entire point of this race is to set a goal and to enjoy the process of achieving it. Feel great about what you have done! You are officially a runner, and you are officially an inspiration to others. Take that  feeling of accomplishment and run with it 😉

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    This 10-Minute Workout is a TEN


    The #FitToFeast lifestyle promotes efficient functional training.

    Who has time (or the patience) to rock the elliptical machine for an hour.

    Boring…and more importantly not even close to the best use of your time.

    My sweat sessions are short and intense and follow more of the HIIT mentality (High Intensity Interval Training).

    Most of my workouts have about a 10-minute cap and involve what is known as an AMRAP (As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible in an allotted time).

    So for example, this morning I rocked this 10-minute AMRAP where I did as many unbroken (non-stop) rounds of:

    • 15 Air Squats
    • 12 Overhead Lunges Holding a 25-lb Plate
    • 40 Double-Unders (where you pass the jumprope twice under your feet per every jump)


    I was just shy of 6 rounds, but what I am not shy about about is how delicious this hit of HIIT was.

    So the next time you feel as if you don’t have time, challenge yourself to 5/10/ or 15 minute AMRAP.

    Jump into it with this one!

  • Food For Thought/ Where I Feast

    Confession: I Eat Burgers About THREE Times A Week

    The Counter

    How does one enjoy a burger as part of the #FitToFeast Lifestyle?

    Here’s a snapshot of what I eat a good 3x a week, including at this actual moment. #Multitasker

    • Order your burger (preferably GrassFed, Organic Bison). I like mine Rare Plus. Note: I’m hardcore 😉
    • Order it “Protein Style” by subbing the bun for  a massive salad.
    • Add every veggie possible to this salad…and an egg.
    • Always an egg.
    • Go for some guac.
    • Keep the dressing simple ala good ole balsamic vinegar, and savor!

    The key to eating burgers on the regular, is to make sure your burgers are comprised of quality meat. At home, I make mine with Grass-Fed Bison and I bind it with egg.  If you like your patty a bit more packed, you can add a little coconut flour or almond flour to help with binding.

    Also, bison is a better bet than beef, as it’s leaner, but equally delicious! You can see more on my Buffalo Stance here 😉

    Thank you, The Counter,  for supporting my innovations, DIY desires, and my Fit To Feast Lifestyle!


  • Product Picks/ Recipes

    Bake This: It’s Grainless, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo, & Perfect for PASSOVER

    FullSizeRender 60

    I love to bake. Like, I REALLY love to bake.

    There is just something so therapeutic about baking…and let’s keep it real, I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet.

    I normally bake from scratch so I can quality control the ingredients that go into my goodies, but Simple Mills has changed the game. The ingredients in all of the Simple Mills mixes are actually the exact same ingredients I would use myself i.e., almonds, banana, coconut sugar, arrowroot powder, coconut flour.

    Bottom line? Throw this mix in the mix.

    Don’t have time to bake, but don’t want to buy a generic store-bought baked good to bring to someone’s house? It’s simple. Simple Mills is your savior.

    I was asked to bring dessert to many a Passover seder this weekend. I was slammed prepping for my #FitToFeast Event Series, but I threw together this gorgeous freshly baked banana bread in minutes. Just bake as directed, but my FitToFeast spin was throwing in some dark chocolate chunks. Yah, that’s the game changer move right there. You are welcome.

    I bought all 3 and keep ’em on deck just in case you have people over, or you need to bring dessert to someone’s house, or, uh, you get a craving yourself. Your guilt-free baking solution is right here.


  • Fitness/ Where I Feast

    Feast your eyes on the launch of the FIT TO FEAST Event Series!!!


    I could not be any prouder of our inaugural FIT TO FEAST event at Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach.

    We had an incredible group of Fit To Feasters eager to eat up the day.  We kicked off the event with a bodyweight workout on the beach incorporating delicious moves like the beloved burpee, pushups, lunges, squats, crawls, & sprints to the ocean.

    Once we wrapped turning it up, it was time to EAT it up. I collaborated with Chef Adam Steudle of Hotel Erwin’s Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails, to curate a satiating menu to fuel both our bodies and inner foodies. It was an Eggstravaganza to honor the Easter/Passover weekend.

    We debunked myths about eggs and instead learned the many benefits of this nutrient-dense powerhouse.

    • They are an incredible source or protein (7 g per egg), & Omega 3s
    • They are one of the only natural sources of Vitamin D
    • Eggs deliver many of the B vitamins
    • Eggs contain important amino acids like, L-Arginine which is essential for protein production, and leucine which is helpful in regulating blood sugar.
    • Hardboiled eggs make an EGGScellent go-to portable snack.  (Ok I’ll stop with the puns)


    I am wowed by the incredible people who came out to push themselves to be better.

    Save the date: May 2 is the next day for FIT TO FEAST at Hotel Erwin.

    Get fit, and feast with me on the beach.