About Allison

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Most women spend their money on stilettos. I spend mine on steak. Protein before pumps. The same goes with pie.

FIT TO FEAST is a lifestyle. It’s about finding the balance that works for you, so you can be fit, AND Eat Up Life!

The FIT TO FEAST lifestyle celebrates my two passions: fitness and food.  As a Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, I take both my food and physique seriously, and I help others explore how to healthfully do the same.

I grew up in a Jewish New York household where food is king…we start preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner on Labor Day. My passion for food started young; my mother vouches that I was the only baby who lived for lamb chops. Apparently my primal prowess started as a premie.

As a college coed I got a reputation as the ultimate eater, consuming more than most fraternity guys, and was equally notorious for eating an alarming amount of gas station hot dogs when the bars let out.

Thankfully my palette became more discerning once I graduated college. My first job was as an A&R rep at Sony Music (read: I scouted unsigned bands and took them out on an expense account.) This was when I evolved from food fan to foodie. My record label gig required me to court recording artists by knowing exactly where to take them. From Michelin stars to holes in the wall, I had to know it all. And THAT is when my love for food reached both astronomic AND gastronomic heights 😉

These days I pride myself on being first to know about both bands AND bistros. But I also pride myself in finding the balance that works for me; to be able to indulge, enjoy, and be mindful.

We live once so why not eat what’s calling out to your stomach, while having a flat one.

Eat  Up Life,