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Jumpstart your 2017 with my FREE #TimetoTone App!

It’s here!!! New Year. New You.  Let’s get rid of lofty resolutions, and just get moving instead! Check out my FREE app AbCuts #TimetoTone, that will jumpstart your 2017 with a completely doable 3-week program. Small changes = Big results. It’s time to prioritize YOU. You deserve it.


Countdown to 2017 with Me!

I am honored to be returning as Official Host of Times Square New Year’s Eve for my 5th Year! Can’t make it to Times Square this year? All good! Tune in here!


I Got Your Healthy Thanksgiving Dish Right Here

Thanksgiving week is officially HERE!!!!!! Yes!!!! The key to enjoying this wonderful time to the fullest, is to be thankful, to surround yourself with loving people, to arm yourself with healthy options, and to keep your body moving. In addition to making all the fun classics, try making my Fit To Feast Harvest Salad so you have at least ONE healthy option on the table. If you start with this deliciously fueling salad, you will make smarter, more mindful choices from there on out.

Also, make sure you are staying in tune with your body this week as well. Download my free Ab Cuts Time to Tone app here to get my recipes (including this one) and workouts you can do wherever you are this week…and beyond 😉 Remember, it’s fun to indulge, just make sure you are empowering yourself to make the best choices possible. Eat Up Life.


My Health Coaching App “Time To Tone” is Available Now!

Ok, so Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. NOW is the perfect time to start implementing healthy habits that will stick!

I am excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Ab Cuts to launch the “Time to Tone” app, which will give you some of my greatest health coaching tips and workouts you can do absolutely anywhere. It includes a 3-week fitness program with 15 quick & efficient, full-body workouts. The app also features some of my go-to healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. It also empowers you to make smart choices; whether it’s navigating a menu, picking the right groceries, or better understanding macronutrients. 

It’s perfect for someone wanting to jumpstart a new program, or for someone who wants to supplement a current workout regimen. The app is for all levels, and includes bodyweight workout videos that you can also take with you on the road; the only equipment you need, is YOU! Plus it’s free, which is also a great thing 😉

Get started here:

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My New Refinery29 Series, #BeABadass – Episode 8 – Rock Climbing

Time to rock your Monday and the new week ahead. How are you challenging yourself? What are you climbing towards? How will you reach it? In this episode of my Refinery29 show, #BeABadass, I give Rock Climbing a try. ?

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My New Refinery29 Series, #BeABadass – Episode 7 – StuntWoman

How are you jump-starting your week? What are you putting into motion to be your best? How are you challenging yourself? In this episode of my Refinery29 show, #BeABadass, both my mental strength and physical agility are put to the test, as I give Stunt School a try. #MotivationMonday

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My New Refinery29 Series, #BeABadass – Episode 6 – Fencing

Now I know why Fencing is called “Physical Chess” – it is VERY challenging…as is wearing a breast plate (although it did feel really fierce in a Game Of Thrones Khaleesi sort of way ?)

I digress, see how I did in this episode of #BeABadass

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My New Refinery29 Show #BeABadass – Episode 5: How To Be A Firefighter!

I have always had the upmost respect for firefighters, but after being put through just ONE day of training, my admiration for these dedicated and incredibly fierce and fit men and women has catapulted to its maximum potential. Wow. This was hands down one of the most challenging and rewarding days of my life. A massive thank you to the El Segundo Fire Department for giving me this unforgettable experience.


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My New Refinery29 Show #BeABadass – Episode 4: How To Master Bull Riding!

Grab this week by the horns. For me that meant grabbing a mechanical bull’s horns. Let me tell you that this was one of the most challenging feats I’ve faced. Staying on without falling off on the maximum Level 10, was HARD…but not as hard as I was squeezing my gams into the sides. I couldn’t walk for a good 4 days after this. But I did it!!!!!! #MotivationMonday


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My New Refinery29 Show #BeABadass – Episode 3: Kicking Butt With Krav Maga!

In this episode I get a taste of the power of ‪#‎KravMaga‬ with Roy Elghanayan??  What are YOU trying this week? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Keep pushing, learning, & challenging yourself. Find your greatness. You deserve to be your best!!!  ‪#‎FitToFeast‬ ‪#‎MotivationMonday‬