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    The Perfect Protein Bar

    Oh it’s a perfect Friday indeed. I always prioritize eating meals, but if you are going to rock a bar, a Perfect Bar is the way to go – it’s a real food bar. The carob is my kryptonite.

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    Christmas Morning Breakfast

    Everything may be closed on Christmas, but the Fit To Feast kitchen is always open ready to rock. This morning I whipped up my paleo pancake breakfast sandwich.

    Here’s how to make my #FitToFeast paleo pancakes, OR you can purchase the pre-made Paleo Pancake mix from Paleoful, which is¬†Fit To Feast-approved!

    Cook your eggs any way you like ’em, and presto! Paleo Pancakes YolkPorn perfection. Drizzling 100% organic maple syrup on top? Well that’s 100% up to you ūüėČ

    #EatUpLife and Happy Holidays!


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    My Bison Burger with Portobello “Bun” – Grain-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free

    I’m a burger kind of girl…which is why when I make my own¬†burger, I opt for the highest quality, healthiest version there is.

    I’m talking supermeat, grass-fed bison. Why? When compared to beef, grass-fed bison is leaner, lower in cholesterol, and higher in protein, iron, and Omega-3. ¬†I get mine online from The Honest Bison, because I trust they have the cleanest. leanest bison.¬†No grains. No hormones. No feedlots. Just the best.

    THEN, I sandwich mine in between two grilled portobello mushroom caps, throw on my grilled onions, Fit To Feast tomatillo avocado salsa, a little pico de gallo, and let the games begin.

    This is as good as it gets, my friends.

    Here’s what you’ll need for the burger:

    • 16oz grass-fed bison
    • one large egg
    • two portobello mushroom caps (Trader Joe’s has them)
    • one large onion
    • pico de gallo
    • coconut oil


    Here’s what you’ll need for my Fit To Feast tomatillo avocado salsa:

    • raw tomatillo peppers
    • avocado
    • jalape√Īo pepper
    • lemon juice
    • onion
    • salt and pepper to taste


    Slice an onion into rings and sauté in coconut oil. While this is sautéing, beat a large or jumbo egg and massage it into the 16ounces of grass-fed bison. Salt and pepper as you like. Roll into patties (3 or 4 depending on how big you like your burger) and throw on skillet or grill sprayed with coconut oil along with the portobello mushroom caps.

    While pan-frying or grilling, get your sauce going. Toss all ingredients into a food processor. The amounts are all to taste, so feel free to trial and error it. Every permutation is delicious. I grill my onions, but you could also throw them in raw as well.

    Once the burger and ‘bello buns are done, construct your bison bad boy. Throw your sauce, grilled onions, and pico de gallo on top and have at it.¬†Enjoy!!!


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    May The Fudge Be With You…Your Holiday Sweet Tooth Strategy

    I. Love. Dessert.

    I could not care less about fried food, but dessert? Yah. Our relationship runs deep.

    In this Holidaze of plentiful parties, work soirees, and reunions with friends and family, we are constantly surrounded by incessant sweets. How does one navigate through the indulgence of December?

    Here’s how…(drum roll please).


    What do I mean by this? Mindful indulgence. Pick and choose your bon-bon battles.

    If you are at a party, and the cookies presented are a box of generic snowflake¬†cookies someone¬†picked up last minute from Ralph’s. JUST SAY NO.

    If the receptionist brought her famous ginger molasses homemade cookies that are so revered, they actually have their own following on Instagram? ENJOY!

    Along these lines, I make sure to make my infamous rocky road fudge every December. My fudge may not have its own instagram following (yet), but is certainly worth every single morsel.

    This year, I stepped my recipe up¬†a notch, using the baking chocolate from Lily’s. Lily’s chocolate is 55% Cocao, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, and uh, really delicious.

    Now I can’t tell you how I make my fudge, but I can tell you that using Lily’s was a welcomed addition this year. Let’s just say, not one of these pieces of ambrosia was left over…and I kept my share to three pieces this time ūüėČ


    Now although using a high quality chocolate is an important tip, THE most important tip of all is to…


    Take a moment to really feel grateful that you get to experience this exciting time in your life. Once you have gratitude, everything else will fall into proper perspective. Health, family, & friends should be the focus of this holiday season. Sure, dessert is part of it, but it’s not the star. YOU ARE. So go enjoy…and I don’t mean enjoy that entire pumpkin pie by yourself. Enjoy this gift of life we get to share.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and may the fudge be with you… #EatUpLife

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    Paleo Pancakes

    Pancakes are awesome. We know this.

    What we might not know, is that it is so simple to whip up a batch of your own homemade grain-free, gluten-free, paleo pancakes. All you need to do is use almond flour as your base, and Paleoful makes it easy for you by already having a dry paleo pancake mix ready to go. All you do is add eggs, unsweetened almond milk, and coconut oil, and you are set (plain pancake stack pictured on the right).

    …And if you are feeling extra indulgent (read: I feel this way on a daily basis), add bananas and dark chocolate chips for pancake perfection (sexy stack pictured on the left). I’m telling you. You will be THE MVP of paleo brunch.¬†You’re welcome ūüėČ

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    My Fit To Feast Thanksgiving Harvest Salad

    It’s Thanksgiving. Look, we’re going to indulge, aka eat an alarming amount of food. All good!

    Why not add this nutrient-dense festive salad to your eating itinerary.

    Super simple and chockfull of antioxidants and nutrients, starting your meal with this salad will help set you up with healthful bites before you go full-beast¬†on those sides…and desserts.

    All you need is:

    • Greens of your choice (Greens are everything great)
    • Butternut squash (Rich in Vitamin A, folates, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, thiamin, pantothenic acid, just to name a few)
    • Anjou pears (The skin¬†contains Quercetin which prevents cancer and artery damage)
    • Pomegranate seeds (Most powerful antioxidant of all fruits)
    • Whole pecans (Contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats like oleic acid along with phenolic antioxidants)

    Do yourself a favor and buy the pre-cubed butternut squash. Spray a baking sheet with coconut oil, throw on the squash cubes and spray those as well. Spice as you like although I literally put on nothing. The squash is sweet enough and the heat and coconut oil combo will caramelize it just fine. Bake at about 400¬į for 25/30 minutes, checking in about half way moving the cubes around to make sure they are all getting a good roast. Re-spray a bit if necessary.

    Let the squash cool and then toss all together. Try and find a nice vinegar dressing to use. This salad doesn’t need to be doused in a heavy dressing. I’m using this one today.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 12.22.21 PM

    So there you have it.

    Look, start with this salad, the rest is up to you…and by up to you, I mean try my Paleo Pumpkin Pie. Recipe coming up next.

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    Thankful for these Brussels Sprouts with Maple Roasted Apples & Pecans

    My peeps at Bulletproof Coffee sent me the latest copy of the Bulletproof Cookbook, and I just had to put one of the veggies recipes to the test. I started with their basic Brussels sprouts recipe and then put my Fit To Feast spin on it by adding some maple, apples, & pecans.

    Here’s what you need:

    • 1 pound Brussels sprouts (halved)
    • 2 tablespoons grass-fed unsalted butter
    • 2 teaspoons of sea salt
    • 1 fuji apple
    • 1 tablespoon of 100% Organic grade B Maple Syrup
    • 1 cup raw pecans


    Here’s what you do:

    • Preheat the oven to 300F.
    • Place the sprouts in a baking pan with the butter.
    • Sprinkle on the salt
    • Bake for 30-45 minutes.
    • While they are baking, spray a pan with coconut oil and pan fry the chopped apple and pecans. Drizzle on the TB of maple syrup.
    • Combine with Brussels when they are done and serve.


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    My Fit To Feast Frittata

    This is your new go-to secret weapon.

    • It can be eaten any time of day
    • Its portability makes it a great “snack” option
    • It is an absolute people-pleaser and is great for entertaining

    I introduce to you my Fit to Feast Frittata. The beauty of this baby is that you can absolutely add whichever meat/veggie combo that tickles your fancy. I’ve made a variety of permutations of ingredients, but here’s a good one to start. Again this is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” situation. There are mere suggestions:

    Here’s what you need:

    • 1 pound¬†grass-fed ground bison. I used The Honest Bison.
    • 1 large sweet potato
    • 3 cups chopped fresh baby spinach
    • 2 cups chopped mushrooms (canned is ok as long as you get “No Salt Added”)
    • 1¬†large yellow onion
    • 2 bell peppers (red, orange, or yellow)
    • 15¬†large eggs
    • sun-dried tomatoes (I use the ones from Trader Joe’s)
    • Spicely Organic No Salt Added Taco Seasoning and/or Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste (Optional)

    FullSizeRender 131

    Here’s what you do:

    • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray¬†a 9 x 13‚ÄĚ glass baking dish with coconut oil.¬†Set aside.
    • Prepare veggies. Dice sweet potatoes, chop spinach, and dice onion/peppers. ¬† Put aside.
    • Heat skilled over medium-high heat. ¬†Season and cook bison¬†in skillet.¬† Cook until browned and cooked through. Remove meat¬†from the skillet, set aside, and ¬†keep the natural grease in the pan.¬† Add sweet potatoes to grease and cook until tender, stir occasionally, about 10-15 minutes. Saut√© onions/peppers/mushrooms either in same skillet or separate. Your call!
    • Remove sweet potatoes and place in bowl.¬† Toss sweet potatoes with spinach, mushrooms, onion, peppers,¬†bison, sun-dried tomatoes and salt and pepper until well combined.¬† Place the mixture into your prepared glass dish, spreading evenly across the bottom of the dish.
    • In another large bowl, whisk the eggs.¬† Pour egg mixture evenly over the meat¬†and veggie mixture in dish.
    • Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes or until set.¬† Allow to cool slightly before serving.¬† Cut into squares and serve.

    Take a photo in your PJs and smile maniacally 

    FullSizeRender 133

  • Fitness/ Product Picks

    Get New Gear To Get Motivated

    Thank you Emily Hsu Designs¬†for this awesome “Bang Bang Graffiti Bra”. I threw it on to motivate myself to rock a¬†5K¬†on my own this morning.¬†

    Just can’t get motivated? Try these 3 quick tips:

    1. Get Grateful: Realize that it is a gift and privilege to have a healthy, functional body. Every day is an opportunity to unwrap that gift. Take a deep breath, roll those shoulders back, and get moving! 
    2. Gear Up: Sometimes new kicks (or a badass new sports bra) can get you on your feet. It worked for me today!
    3.  Get Social: Post your progress online. Likes and comments from friends never get old and can keep you accountable to keep your fitness consistent. 

    What are you motivating yourself to do this week? Let me know!

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    Happy National Coffee Day


    In honor of National Coffee Day, I wanted to share a little bit of my daily coffee game with you. I start my day with cold brew…either a growler from Birch Coffee or I ship Gradys Cold Brew bean bags from Brooklyn and brew my own. Not playin’. Quality cold brew coffee is my superhero secret…well, one of them anyway ?

    And to clarify, cold brew coffee is NOT hot coffee poured over ice. That is a bastardization of the beauty of this brew. This kind of iced coffee was never hot. It steeps or soaks in room temp or cold water, resulting in a smoother, naturally sweeter, rounder coffee concentrate with 67% less acidity, making it a better option for both your digestive tract and teeth!

    Do the cold brew. You are welcome!