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    Re-Think Brunch

    I take my breakfast seriously. Part of the #FitToFeast lifestyle is not only prioritizing breakfast, but rethinking it. 

    Breakfast doesn’t need to be sweet. A pork chop with farm-fresh eggs is sweet enough ?. Thank you, Salts Cure, for keeping it real. #EatUpLife 

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    My FIT TO FEAST Brunch & Burn at SOHO HOUSE

    What a simply incredible day with this awesome crew! First we sweat it up, and then we eat it up. I am honored to have collaborated with Soho House Executive Chef Michael Magliano to create this incredible menu.  Save the date, November 21 for the next one #FitToFeast


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    It’s Monday. You Did It Up This Past Weekend. Here’s What To Do Today.

    It’s Monday. It’s possible you are stressed about what you ate and drank over the weekend and you have vowed to start your diet today. 

    Stop right there. Tell the diets to die.

    All you need is a palate reset. You do not need a juice cleanse or any cleanse for that matter. 

    All you need is to Eat. Real. Food. 

    Focus on feasting on fueling plants and animals, and you are on your way to a healthy start of your week. 
    I need a bit of a reset myself so I opted for wild cod with roasted roots & Brussels sprouts.

    • Cod is a great lean protein source high in B12/omega3 and uh, The Rock eats 821 pounds of it a year.
    • Root veggies are high in fiber, vitaminC, & beta-carotene, amongst many other nutrients. 
    • Cruciferous Brussels sprouts are nutritional powerhouses, and interestingly enough contain 3g of protein per cup.
    • Oh and I eat guac with everything. 


    Celebrate your mind and body by celebrating food. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about satiation. 

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    Happy National Cheeseburger Day


    I love burgers. Who doesn’t?
    I eat them on the regular, which is why I tend to eat them #FitToFeast-style, sans bun and cheese, instead focusing on the gorgeous grass-fed bison patty.

    However, there are those times when I go full beast and order EXACTLY what I want with “The Works”. Here is evidence of that in my latest show, #FoodPorn…

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    Small Tweaks When Dining Out

    Showing my newest Health Coach client, Josh Beckerman, The Foodie Magician, how implementing healthy change is about progress, not perfection..although this meal right here is pretty close to it ?

    I curated tonight’s ‪#‎FitToFeast‬ menu at The Loop, sticking to sashimi and riceless rolls. Josh has never had sushi without rice, so tonight’s order seemed odd to him at first. However, when he was greeted by these beauts, he simply did not miss (or even remember) the rice!

    The Shrek Roll: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, snow crab, shrimp, masago wrapped with green soy sheet.

    The Tourist Roll: shrimp, tuna, snow crab, mint leaf, mango, and cucumber wrapped with soy sheet

    It’s about making small, sustainable (and delicious) tweaks. Enjoy!

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    Don’t Just Mindlessly Eat. FEAST!

    I don’t simply eat. I feast. 

    I indulge my senses at, every. single. meal.

    Satiation, celebration, indulgence, & excitement are a part of everything I put into my body. It is an essential part of the experience. Why? Because everything we do in this life is a gift. Eat it up! 

    This salad I created at Erewhon Natural Market is an opportunity for me to devour some of my favorite things: grass-fed bison, grilled chicken, kale, swiss card, almonds, strawberries, seasonal peaches, and avocado.  

    My eyes literally roll back into my head as I enjoy every single morsel. Don’t mindlessly shove something edible into your mouth. You deserve to fuel your body with nutrient-dense whole foods.  Celebrate yourself! It’s the Fit To Feast way. #EatUpLife #TreatYoself

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    The Launch of My FIT TO FEAST Event Series at SOHO HOUSE

    My launch of #FitToFeast at Soho House West Hollywood was everything!

    A massive thank you to #SohoHouse Executive Chef Michael Magliano for this equally nutritious and delicious post-workout brunch. It’s not about deprivation, it is ALL about celebration. #EatUpLife

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    FIT TO FEAST August Edition In The Books!

    What. A. Day.

    We always kick it off with our gorgeous Bulletproof Coffee and then quickly make our way to the beach for our team workout.

    900 reps of squats, pushups, hurdle jumps, burpees, situps, plank jacks, mountain climbers, tuck jumps, etc did not keep a single soul from jumping as high as they could for our pre-brunch group shot.

    Keep checking back here to see when we’ll be back on Venice Beach at Hotel Erwin in September!


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    FIT TO FEAST at Hotel Erwin Saturday August 8!

    Get your tickets now!

    Get fit & feast with me on Venice Beach!

    First we’ll turn it up on the beach.

    Then we’ll eat it up at brunch.

    Eat Up Life,


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    Happy National Oyster Day

    Happy National Oyster Day!!!

    Oysters are not only a blast to eat (I may or may not have won an oyster-eating contest before), but are a great  ‪#‎FitToFeast‬-approved source of protein, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamins C and B-12.

    You don’t have to go for oysters quite this mammoth, but yes, this was a special moment at Connie And Ted’s in West Hollywood. #ILOVERAWBAR