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EmptyName 31

I am a nationally accredited ACE-certified Health Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, who practices a 360° approach to wellness, focusing on nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification. We ALL have bad habits, but not ALL habits are bad. I will help you implement POSITIVE ones, helping you embrace a healthier lifestyle that works for YOU. Everyone is different, so there is not one thing that will work for everyone. Through my customized program tailored to you and only you, we are going to get you on your A-Game! It’s time to become YOUR personal best and embrace the FIT TO FEAST lifestyle:

  • It’s about gratitude, positivity, and possibility. It’s about wanting to be your personal best. It’s about being on your A-Game.
  • It’s about training efficiently and eating both deliciously and nutritiously.
  • It’s not about diets and deprivation. It IS about celebration and satiation!
  • It’s not about perfection, it IS about progress.
  • It’s about informing and educating yourself so you can make smart choices.  It’s about making mindful choices that count. It’s about treating a treat like a treat, and getting exactly what you want.
  • It’s about implementing sustainable positive habits that you actually enjoy.
  • It’s about living as healthfully and happily as possible.


You got this. Game On.

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