I Got Your Healthy Thanksgiving Dish Right Here

Thanksgiving week is officially HERE!!!!!! Yes!!!! The key to enjoying this wonderful time to the fullest, is to be thankful, to surround yourself with loving people, to arm yourself with healthy options, and to keep your body moving. In addition to making all the fun classics, try making my Fit To Feast Harvest Salad so you have at least ONE healthy option on the table. If you start with this deliciously fueling salad, you will make smarter, more mindful choices from there on out.

Also, make sure you are staying in tune with your body this week as well. Download my free Ab Cuts Time to Tone app here to get my recipes (including this one) and workouts you can do wherever you are this week…and beyond 😉 Remember, it’s fun to indulge, just make sure you are empowering yourself to make the best choices possible. Eat Up Life.

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